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Loving Your Job

February 11, 2018

Not all of us are working in our dream job. Sometimes a change of circumstances or a change in the jobs market means that there are fewer roles on offer, so we have to choose strategically with a longer gameplan in mind. Sometimes we have to climb several rungs on the ladder before we find work that uses all of our skills, stretches us and ignites our enthusiasm.

But with the average full-time worker in the UK spending over 37 hours a week at work,[1] it’s important to make the most of your working day, regardless of the role you’re in. Here are just a few ways that you can start to love your job, no matter what it is!


Walk to work

You don’t have to commit to a two mile hike every morning and night; this can be as simple as getting off the bus a stop early, or parking a little further from the office and walking the rest of the way. Even those of us with a serious commute can fit in a stroll around the block before we go inside, and those few moments of peace and fresh air can really help to centre you for the day ahead.


Fuel up

Think about how you start your day: does it involve soggy cornflakes and cold toast while you get ready, and slurping your tea as you search for your shoes, your keys, your coat…? Try instead to enjoy a good breakfast before starting the journey to work. Make sure you set yourself up properly for the day, and then enjoy your morning coffee while you get a head start on your to-do list.


Take breaks

No matter how busy you are at work, all UK workers are entitled to at least one uninterrupted 20 minute break if they are working for more than 6 hours.[2] It can be tempting to stay where you are and browse the news or social media – but this is a chance to get away from your desk, stretch your legs and even get some more fresh air. Give your brain (and your eyes) a break for a few minutes and try listening to some new music or even an audiobook instead of staring at a screen. You’ll return to your desk much more refreshed, perhaps having had a few inspirations along the way, and ready to power through the next few hours.


Get involved

Sometimes it’s tempting to keep yourself to yourself at work, particularly if you’re on a temporary contract and feel you might not be there for long. But the day passes much more quickly with company, and it doesn’t take much to get involved – it can be as simple as saying yes when someone offers you tea, or volunteering to make the next round. This also gives you a chance to step away for a moment from whatever task or problem you’ve been working on, an opportunity to discuss your approach with your co-workers, and the ability to return to your work with a new perspective.


Give back

Many companies, even small businesses, organise fundraising activities from time to time for charities they hold dear. From cake sales to 10k runs, there will always be something you can contribute to, so why not challenge yourself, make friends, support a worthy cause and feel good in the process!


Regardless of the work itself, and where your current position fits within your overall ambitions, there are all sorts of ways you can make the most of your daily routine and end up loving your job. To discuss opportunities and find your perfect match, please get in touch (mentioning this blog) to



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