What to expect when choosing Time Recruitment

May 10, 2023

When a client invites us to recruit, if we are unable to successfully source from candidates who have   already registered, we advertise the position on the best recruitment platforms we know.

There are ten critical steps we follow as part of this process to ensure both clients and candidates receive the best experience possible.

The Time Recruitment process:

  • CVs from candidates will start to come in online
  • We read every single CV
  • We shortlist potential candidates
  • We speak on the phone with the shortlisted candidates, and we invite them for interview if appropriate at that stage
  • We interview for approximately 1 hour
  • During the interview, we establish a lot of information, including what the candidate is looking for, gaps on their CV, education, work experience, skill base and much more
  • We advise on CVs and we often make the agreed alterations ourselves and forward to the candidate for approval
  • We take copies of the candidate’s passport, visa, proof of address, and proof of NI – i.e. The Right to Work
  • If they are a temporary candidate, we take up references
  • After completing all interviews, we send the shortlisted CVs with profiles along with any relevant interview notes

Common misconceptions

  • There is absolutely no charge to candidates for using Time Recruitment (we are asked this question more and more)
  • There is no charge to clients for time spent, adverts placed, etc. Clients will only be invoiced a sum, which will have been discussed at an early stage, when there is a successful match and the new employee has started.

Why we’re proud of this process

Traditional recruitment is about understanding as much as possible about the client’s needs, the candidate’s needs, and matching both through an in-depth and personalised process….and always with integrity.

We are a small agency with high standards and operate with compliance, honesty, transparency, and integrity running through everything we do.

The market has changed and will continue to evolve. Working in recruitment has always been challenging, but due to the current talent shortage, it has brought new challenges. Experienced recruiters will usually find candidates through their networks and when HR or department heads respond quickly – the outcome can be extremely rewarding for all parties.

If you would like to learn more about Time Recruitment and what we can do to support you with your recruitment needs please call or email office@timerecruitment.co.uk and we will be delighted to assist you.


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