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Vanilla 99’s & the Edinburgh Job Market


Vanilla 99’s & the Edinburgh Job Market

  • Posted on May 26, 2017

The sun is shining today and it has inspired me to write a short blog.

At work at present, regardless of the sun shining and I’m very aware that there are people out of work in Edinburgh. Some possibly eating a Vanilla 99 in Prince’s Street Gardens – feeling slightly more relaxed because they have registered with a few recruitment firms! It is a good idea to register with a few firms so there is always someone else thinking about you, even if you don’t have the time to.

There will also be people working in offices wishing they could take time off to relax in the sun, and eat a Vanilla 99, but they have too much filing to do. I really wish these people would call Time Recruitment on these occasions!

We always register wonderful candidates – although admittedly, it has been more difficult over the last few months to source good candidates due to higher employment across Edinburgh. It is still challenging to try and manage our client expectations when there is a shortage to choose from- (to absolutely spell out the reality will potentially throw up the wrong reaction – i.e.) they tend to call loads of recruitment firms thinking they’ll have a bigger selection to choose from for that 3 week filing position! So… we don’t highlight the reality and continue to quietly and efficiently look for the best, most, appropriate candidates for our clients.

The sun is still shining and we continue with pleasure to search for people and offer solutions to our clients.

Who knows… you may be sitting 10 yards from each other in the beautiful Prince’s Street gardens today and you don’t even know it!

In the name of the wee man… just call us! And maybe bring us a Vanilla 99?

Bye for now –


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