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Useful Interview Tips


Useful Interview Tips

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2016

An interview is a two-way discussion between you and the potential employer. The employer is interested in you because, on paper, your qualifications, skills, achievements and personal qualities, in principles, satisfy the company’s requirements. The interview allows the employer to meet you and assess your suitability for the position in comparison to other candidates.

The interview is also your opportunity to find out more about the company, potentially meet other employees and look at the establishment, including products and services the company offer. This will help you to decide if it is the sort of organisation you would like to work for, but before you can decide this you need to have the job offer and therefore the choice.
Although all interviews have the same basic purpose – to select the right candidate for the job – the way interviews are conducted may vary. The interview could be as short as fifteen minutes or may last over an hour. Some companies invite candidates back for a second more in-depth interview and to meet with the team. The ‘panel interview’ is very common and can include two or more interviewers each of whom ask the candidates questions.
Competency based interviewing style has also become a very popular method for recruiting candidates.