The Unexpected Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Workers

March 8, 2018

As we’ve already seen (in The Unexpected Benefits of Temporary Work), temporary contracts can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, offering a flexible solution to short term problems for both candidates and employers.

Whether you need to cover a sickness or absence, clear a backlog of tasks or find additional resources at short notice for a particularly challenging project, hiring temporary workers can be an ideal way of keeping your business running smoothly.


For employers, as well as having flexible resources on tap, temporary contracts give you access to:

Best practice
Compared to long-serving staff-members, temporary workers are uniquely placed in terms of being able to share the best practice that they’ve picked up when working with other companies. From cutting edge software skills to forward-thinking organisational techniques, our temps have some of the most up-to-date and regularly refreshed skills available in the marketplace.

Fresh ideas
As well as offering you valuable insight into how other teams and departments approach challenges and goals, temps can bring with them an influx of fresh energy and ideas of their own. You will be hiring someone enthusiastic and eager to impress, who can offer a brand new perspective on your ways of working.

New talent
By taking on temporary workers, you are positioning yourself at the head of the queue in terms of meeting new talent, at a time when they are actively seeking new opportunities. Best of all, you can see upfront how well they work, and whether they might be a good fit for your team on a longer term basis.

Breathing space
So often we only realise we need additional help when things come to a head, but ironically it’s at moments like these that we can least afford to spend time on a process as involved as permanent recruitment.


Temporary recruitment is an immediate solution which can help you to power through these challenges, buying you time and breathing space so that you can work towards a more sustainable position going forward.

Working with a trusted recruiter like Time can take all of the stress out of temporary work, as our hands-on, face to face model means that we place only the most reliable and capable temps, and we count some of Scotland’s most impressive and inspiring businesses amongst our clients.

For more information about how Time Recruitment can help you with temporary work, please get in touch with us at office@timerecruitment.co.uk.


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