Staying Ahead of the Curve

October 14, 2018

A recent report from RBS Jobs for Scotland has revealed a dramatic rise in successful job placements in the third quarter of the year. As well as a notable boost to temporary work, there has been a sharp increase in permanent placements across Scotland, outpacing the UK average.

This is great news for candidates – but what does the current climate mean for companies who are looking to recruit new staff?

For employers seeking new recruits, the downside of this trend is that there’s currently a smaller pool of eligible candidates to choose from, as more candidates have successfully found work elsewhere.

Candidates who are still available also have a greater number of vacancies to consider. This means that if you’re advertising a role within your company, your vacancy really needs to stand out in order to compete with the others on the market.

Furthermore, according to RBS Jobs for Scotland, the combination of rising vacancies and a diminishing pool of candidates has started to result in pay pressure: rates for both starting salaries and temporary pay are on the rise, as companies offer increasingly generous benefits to attract new talent.

In this climate, it’s more important than ever to engage professional support with the recruitment process. Not only do experienced, established recruitment agencies like Time Recruitment have extensive networks of qualified and suitable candidates; we’re also experts at maximising exposure for the roles we advertise, so we can quickly find new talent to match any role, with a much further reach than any employer could hope to achieve on their own.

We can also share our insight and knowledge with you when it comes to presenting the job opportunity to prospective candidates. We understand that while you don’t want to agree to pay over the odds for a starting salary, neither do you want to miss out on the perfect employee because the package you’re offering isn’t competitive enough. At Time, we keep our finger on the pulse and a watchful eye on the market, so we know exactly what the going rate is for the job you’re hoping to fill, and the sorts of benefits you can offer to attract the talented staff you’re looking for.

With our longstanding experience, we’ve got recruitment down to a fine art, and we’re incredibly efficient at managing every step of the process. Despite the challenging market, when it comes to recruiting new staff, we can help you stay ahead of the curve.

At Time, we’re always on hand to help our clients, no matter how the market ebbs and flows. So if you want to benefit from our expertise in attracting and placing some of the best talent across Scotland, please get in touch with us at carolineburns@timerecruitment.co.uk.


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