Weathering the storm

June 27, 2019

The latest Report on Jobs from the Royal Bank of Scotland indicates a steady increase in the number of permanent job placements across Scotland, as well as a marked rise in billings for temporary work since the beginning of the year.

Prospects are different in the rest of the UK, according to the UK Report on Jobs from KPMG and REC, perhaps as a result of the uncertainty arising from Brexit, with both employers and candidates appearing hesitant about making the next move.

In the rest of the UK, the pace of recruitment appears to be slowing, while Scotland remains a hub of recruitment activity, with March 2019 extending a 26-month upturn in the level of permanent placements. For companies in Scotland seeking to recruit new staff, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to make the most of a buoyant employment market – but to take advantage of this upsurge, it’s crucial for employers to take a strategic approach.

Against the backdrop of a growing demand for both temporary and permanent staff and an accelerating number of vacancies, candidate availability in Scotland has continued to decline due to the increase in successful placements. Because of this, pay pressures have intensified, with a noticeable increase in starting salaries for permanent recruits.

For employers to successfully compete in this fast-paced market, it’s vital to understand how to reach the right candidates and attract their interest. It’s equally important to be aware of what constitutes a competitive salary and benefits package, during a time when the market heavily favours candidates.

Let Time Work For You

By working with a trusted and longstanding recruitment agency in Edinburgh, you can be assured of weathering the storm. At Time Recruitment, we keep a watchful eye on the dynamics of the industry, anticipating trends and helping our clients to adjust their course accordingly. With a reputation for listening to what our clients need and delivering on our promises, we can help you to find the best candidates for your roles, as well as supporting you with up-to-date industry information to help inform your decisions about the most appropriate skillsets, experience levels and salary arrangements for the positions you wish to fill.

To benefit from our guidance and expertise, please get in touch with us at office@timerecruitment.co.uk. No matter what is happening in the Scottish jobs market, we can help you to weather the storm.


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