Candidates Testimonials

"One of the questions I was asked when I registered with Time Recruitment was “What would your dream job be?” To be honest, I wasn’t really sure. From helping me to pick suitable roles, making sure my CV was relevant and appropriate, coaching me to be confident at interviews, to breaking the good news that I had been successful, I felt supported and understood. Caroline and her wonderful team found me my dream job. They were approachable, honest and realistic and listened to what I was saying. I can’t thank them enough."

F Fitheridge,Candidate

"I got in touch with Time at the same time as several other recruitment agencies when I was looking for a role allowing me to change career paths. Other recruitment agencies had been a bit dismissive of me as I was an 'awkward candidate' because I wanted to move industries. I met Caroline for an hour's face to face chat and she was incredibly positive right from the start and could completely understand the direction I wanted to head and why I was so in need of a change. She totally grasped what role would suit me, even better than I did myself(!) and encouraged me to go for a role I never would have on my own. It ended up being such a good fit that I've just been made permanent after being on a temporary contract for several months! So a huge thank you to Caroline and the Time team for all their support!"

O Parker,Candidate

"I would highly recommend Time Recruitment and especially Caroline, she took the time to understand me and my needs and helped me with my c.v. A very warm and welcoming team who are efficient and caring. Returning to work after being a stay at home mum for many years was quite daunting but with Caroline's support and enthusiasm I grew in confidence and it wasn't long at all before I found exactly what I was looking for."

D Arthur,Candidate

"Time Recruitment gave me fantastic support and a great service when I was looking for a temporary work assignment. They found me a fantastic temporary assignment while I was looking for a permanent position. Very friendly staff giving great advice, I was so thankful that I put my confidence in Time Recruitment and I would recommend them to anybody who is seriously looking for a great service with staff who really care."

J Keaney,Candidate

"I moved to Edinburgh a few months ago and I had applied for so many different jobs through so many websites. I did a few jobs here and there and then one day applied for a job that was advertised by Time Recruitment, that same day I had an interview and was told I got the job. The quick turnaround from them was very appreciated as a lot of the time with other applications I would get no reply. I would definitely recommend this excellent service."

L Walsh,Candidate

"At Time Recruitment they really try to match you the right job and not just any job. They don't only look at your skills and experience but whether the company would be the right fit for you and you are the right fit for the company. The staff are friendly, helpful and take the time to get to know candidates. They provide a high level of support during the recruitment process.

A Jacobs,Candidate

"Time Recruitment is an outstanding recruiter, professional, thorough and extremely supportive. As a first time temping candidate, Caroline took care to put me at ease and within a day ensured I had work. They do a fantastic job and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

S Nicholson,Candidate

"Over the past fifteen years Time Recruitment has been the only agency to successfully help me obtain both temporary and permanent work within various roles in the Edinburgh area unlike many agencies who tend to see candidates are just a means to an income, Time Recruitment take an interest in each candidate personally and are invested in helping them. When temping through Time they continue to check-in on a regular basis to see how things are going."

E Hunter-McKenna,Candidate

"In the short time that I have been with Time Recruitment, they have been extremely effective in finding me suitable temporary work which I believe would be difficult to find elsewhere. Not only do I feel looked after by the agency, but they have also gone out of their way to find me work which enhances my skill set for my CV, and the variety of work they have given me has increased my professional confidence. Since joining Time Recruitment in September 2016, I have been recommending the agency to many friends and family, and plan on remaining with the agency in to the New Year."

Ra Johnson,Candidate

"I've always found working with Time to be enjoyable and convenient. Caroline and the team have always been very honest with me about which positions they had available, while also helping me to find roles which were suitable for my skillset. I've never felt as though they've put me forward for any roles just to fill them, and everyone in the office has always made themselves available to help me whenever I needed to speak with them about anything. I'd absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for temp work in Edinburgh and I know for a fact that other Time staff I've worked with would say the same."

J Smith,Candidate