Candidates Testimonials

"I moved to Edinburgh after graduating in England with no idea what to do - lost, aimless, unsuccessful in my job applications. Then I met the team at Time. Time Recruitment are a special kind of company. Not only are they very friendly, extremely helpful and genuinely care about their clients and candidates (a rare feature in recruitment companies today), they are also models of professionalism. They match their candidates to positions with the greatest care, ensuring everyone gets something that is suited to them and their set of skills. Caroline and her team have certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty and have been incredibly supportive the whole way. It has been an absolute pleasure working for/with them, and I would highly recommend their services."

D Machado,Candidate

"I approached Time Recruitment as I was looking for work to tide me over in the short-term while I looked for something more permanent following the completion of my doctoral studies. I was seen by everyone else as a bit of a problem case as they all regarded me as too over-qualified to be considered for temporary work, but Caroline immediately saw past this and I was placed almost straight away in what turned into a rolling contract. I can’t recommend Time Recruitment highly enough to candidates and clients alike. It’s the most personal service I’ve experienced from staff who genuinely care, with Caroline getting to know each candidate personally. The main focus is on ensuring that the right candidate is placed in the right position, not just placing a job as quickly as possible to make a quick buck. Thanks to the support of Time, I’ve regained the professional confidence I lost during the several years I was out of the workplace due to a rather tough period of study, and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for that invaluable gift."

L Williamson,Candidate

"Working at Time Recruitment has been great: I have added lots to my CV; gained a lot of new skills; and most importantly, had a lot of fun.
I came to the agency looking for professional career advice and not only received that but have been invited to work in various different positions at very reasonable rates. It has been more than a temporary role, more of a foundation for my future career. Thank you!"

M Eardley

"Caroline and her team at Time Recruitment are a refreshing change when it comes to Recruitment Agencies.
They listen to their clients’ needs and appear to seamlessly match their candidates.
I would not hesitate in recommending them to both friends and companies."

H Rankin,Candidate

"When I first walked into Time’s offices I was a little confused. Here were people who were friendly, warm and engaged. They talked to me as a human being rather than a walking commission fee and they seemed interested in me beyond my CV. I’d been using agencies for a long time and I’d never come across one like this. I quickly felt like part of the family when with other agencies I’d barely felt acknowledged at all.
Most importantly they got me work; placing me first in a few short term jobs – always with interesting clients and then getting me a rolling contract in a friendly, fun and busy office a few minutes from my home.
Another thing that makes them stand out from the crowd is how approachable and flexible they are when you need their help. Nothing is too much trouble and since you’re dealing with the same people all the time there’s a real relationship being built which means they have a genuine understanding of you and your needs. You never feel they are putting a black mark in a ledger if you say you can’t do a job or they are going to push you into something unsuitable.
I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve recommended Time to, but it’s difficult to praise them too highly. If this testimonial helps more people to sign up to what I believe is the best agency in Edinburgh then I will have repaid them in a small way for what they’ve done for me."

N McEwan,Candidate

"At a time when I was trying to get a job via many different Recruitment Agencies, like a guardian angel, Time Recruitment came into my life. The help they gave me and the attention they paid to me changed my view that all Recruitment Agencies were just there to make money for themselves! I can't thank Caroline and her team enough for helping me get back in to the job market. I would say to anyone considering registering with an Agency to give Time Recruitment a chance (as that was what they gave me) and you will have a thoroughly enjoyable work experience."

L Hadden,Candidate

"Upon relocating to Edinburgh, I applied for a positon advertised through Time Recruitment. The response to my application was prompt and from my first telephone conversation with Caroline through to subsequently meeting with her I must say I received an exceptionally professional, supportive, friendly helpful service from the whole team nothing was too much trouble. I felt that my meeting was extremely positive and focused on me my skills, strengths, qualities, and experience as well as being thorough regarding the position applied for and other positons that may be of interest to me. I felt that I was fully aware of the expectations of the role I had applied for which made me feel confident and I am extremely pleased to say that I got the position for which I had applied. As a result, I am very happy in my career as it turned out to be all I had hoped for and much much more. I would highly recommend Time Recruitment to anyone looking to take that next step in their career and who prefer a more intimate friendly service rather than the feeling of being just another candidate. They are a fantastic team. Thank you Again!"

G Maclellan,Candidate

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Caroline for her diligence, good humour and patience in helping me secure my new role. I was very impressed with the efficiency and speed with which each step of the recruitment process was dealt with, that she took time to get to know me and the type of position I was seeking. She was very easy to talk to and always kept her promises in terms of keeping me updated. Nothing was too much trouble for her and I knew that she was always available at the end of the phone to answer any of my immediate queries. Following my recent experience, I have no hesitation in highly recommending the services of Time Recruitment Services Limited to anybody seeking a career change."

J Holmes,Candidate

"I moved to Edinburgh from Aberdeen and had a very positive experience as a candidate of Time Recruitment. The personalised service and highly professional team made me feel supported and encouraged as I settled into a new city and job. The role that they found for me was absolutely perfect in terms of matching my experience with the opportunity to further my skills and career – the temporary role that I was placed in developed into a permanent position, which I am absolutely delighted with. I have no hesitation in recommending Time Recruitment as a candidate and remain very impressed with the high level of service, above and beyond anything I have experienced from a recruitment agency in the past."

P Pratt,Candidate

"I have worked with Time Recruitment since it was founded in 2000 on both temporary and permanent assignments. My first contact with the agency was through Caroline Burns whose professionalism and commitment has never waivered over the years. Caroline and her colleagues are very good at mapping skills to opportunities and support you fully throughout the process. When circumstances arise I recommend without hesitation Time Recruitment as the agency of choice to use."

J Bramham,Candidate